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 My first counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable and everlasting.



Baha'is believe that mankind must love mankind; that universal amity must be practised; that dead dogmas must be thrown away; that we are at the threshold of the Era of Interpendence; that we must forget prejudice and that universal love must become the dominant note of the twentieth century. The tree of humanity is one and is planted by God. The origin is one and the end must also be one."—Louis G. Gregory


Baha'is believe that God has revealed the purpose of life, has shown us how to attain it, has provided the ways in which we can work together and, beyond that, has given mankind the assurance both of continuing divine guidance and of divine assistance. As people learn and follow these teachings their efforts will produce durable results. —The Universal House of Justice


-Baha'is believe that religion is progressive, that God speaks to mankind in every age. -Baha'is believe in one God, even though men have called Him by different names. God has revealed His Word in each period of history through a chosen Individual Whom Baha'is call "the Manifestation of God." He restates in every age God's purpose and will. His teachings are a revelation from God. -Baha’is believe that God is One -All mankind has worshipped and said prayers to the same one God for as long as we have existed, Religion is One-all [non-manmade] religions are chapters in the same one ‘Book’, and Mankind is One-we are all one human family.



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