The affairs of the Baha'i Faith are administered by a System which is the same for every Baha'i community the world over. This 'Administrative Order', as it is referred to, is unique in history in that it was brought into being by Baha'u'llah Himself and not by various people over time.

Within this System, there are elected bodies that operate at local, regional, national, and international levels. These elected bodies consist of nine people elected by their respective Baha'i community and are called 'Spiritual Assemblies' at the local level.

The 2019 membership of Howard County's

Spiritual Assembly 

Ms. Jane Porter Kolodner; Corresponding Secretary  

Mr. Abbas Lohrasbi; Recording Secretary

Ms. Mahta Lohrasbi

Mr. Robert Merriken

Mr. Mehrzad Rouhani 

Ms. Sana Rouhani; Chairperson

Mr. Merat Tabesh

Ms. Terri Tabesh; Treasurer

Mr. John Watson; Vice-Chairperson