The Official Website Of the Baha'is of the USA:

Official site of The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States. General information, news, social action, contacts and links.

Resources that encourage the use of arts in BahA’I devotions:


Baha'i Explorer - features a great collection of audio and visual materials 

One Common Faith - an online study companion of "One Common Faith" 

The Baha'i Covenant - an online study companion on the Covenant 

The Most Holy Book - a cross-referenced site dedicated to the Most Holy Book

Divine Notes - includes reflections on music, drama and dance by Istvan Dely, co-founder of the Baha'i music band


Resources for Children's Classes: 

Bahai Children’s Class Ideas - free resources

Enable me to Grow - free resources, lots of downloadable lesson plans and craft ideas


Resources for Deepening: 



Ocean - The famous research software built by Chad Jones. Currently only downloadable for Windows.

Qur’an Word by Word Translation - Need help understanding a particular word used in the Qur’an? Use this resource to uderstand the translation used. This is an online resource with android port. 

The Baha'i Faith Academy - Free online software used to host gatherings for Baha'i communities. 



The Baha’i Computer Communications Association - The computer gurus of the Baha’i world. 


Text Resources:

The Bible Cross Referenced with Baha’i Writings - Warning! It’s a larger than average file so it may take a moment to load. 

95 Questions - A compilation of 95 questions answered through quotes from the Baha’i writings. A great compliment to Some Answered Questions. 

Download Baha’i Books Free Online - A great resource for ascertaining all the necessary books for reading. Epub/mobi supported along with multiple languages!  


Study Guides:

Outline for Baha’i Scholarship - Created by Robert Stockman and Jonah Winters. This is a great starting point for those individuals looking to understand a broader view of the Baha’i Faith. 

Study The Faith - Awesome site that helps break down the process of studying the Baha’i writings. The site also provides links to the texts under the library tab.